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Crime rate is increasing rapidly nowadays, CCTV cameras have become a necessary commodity to own. The CCTV cameras are used for video cameras for surveillance to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors for surveillance. A lot of CCTV cameras are being used in residential areas and workplaces to improve the security surveillance system. We are here to help you through the elaborate process of selecting the suitable CCTV cameras and installing them in the right positions. You can choose your CCTV devices from a wide range of brands and qualities that suit your budget and needs and are offered by Friends Web Designer Solution.

Know what you're looking for while installing CCTV cameras- Tips

Residential Property (Flat, Independent floor/house, apartments): The analogue high definition cameras (AHD) are best suited for small office & residential properties. They are available in 1, 1.3 and 2MP variants resolution. The prices vary from INR 12,000 to 16,000 for a 4 camera set including installation and mobile-view setup charges.

Best for Offices and Small Shops: Similar to residential properties, cameras best suited here are AHD cameras. It requires a different lens for a few specific cameras to get additional focus in a specific area or extra coverage in small rooms. A 4-Camera set is the most popular selection for such smaller setups.

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Large Commercial Properties (Societies, Malls, Manufacturing plants, Warehouses, Retail Mart's etc): For basic surveillance, a larger number of analogue cameras would be needed but to cover larger areas for surveillance with high security, Pan–tilt–zoom cameras with high focus are required. A Bi-focal lens is suitable for the cameras. In present scenario the IP-based NVR (Network Video Recorder) cameras are becoming popular for such purposes as they provide flexibility of scaling the number of cameras and long distance recording using switches.

Most Usable Components of a CCTV system

cctv system

CCTV Cameras: Cameras are available in High Definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) quality. An HD camera generally costs about 1200-2000 rupees whereas an SD camera costs somewhere between 1000-1500 rupees. A bullet camera is used outdoors and a Dome shaped is preferred to use indoors. There are a variety of brands ranging from Hikvision to Sony and other budget brands from where the selection can be made.

Digital Video Recorder: This is the central unit which is used to process and record the video from CCTV cameras. The digital video recorder should be preferably of the same brand or should be compatible with the cameras. For the Digital Video Recorder to be compatible it should support the feature & technology being used in the CCTV camera (HD-CVI, AHD etc.) and should support the resolution.

cctv system
cctv cable

Cable: The wire used to connect CCTV cameras is a "3+1 copper wire" which is provided in 90mtrs Bundles. A ‘90 Mtr bundle' is sufficient for a 4 camera installation. A bundle costs between INR 600 – 1100. The cost depends upon the quality of wire i.e. full copper Vs. Copper coating Vs. Aluminium wire.

Hard-Disk Drive: A Hard-Disk is used for backup of recording and is attached to the DVR Device. Hard Disk Drive for CCTV ranges from 500 GB to 2TB. A 1TB Hard disk drive may give 30-35 days of backup for a set of 4 cameras (1.3 MP) whereas a 500 GB HDD would give up to 15-16 days of backup for the same set. Special HDD is used for surveillance purposes only as general HDD are not designed for 24x7 usages.

Friends Web Designer promises to connect you with the best professionals cctv cameras installation services provider in Delhi & Faridabad. The entire project cost and expected time of work can be talked about us through call@8448330430 or give an enquiry from quick enquiry form. You can review and compare prices, before choosing what’s best for you and ultimately our service would be affordable for you.

Delhi & Faridabad is a growing hub for business development. CCTV cameras are being installed in offices, retail stores and small shops to monitor the working and maintain the security of the place. Budget brands along with CP plus and Hikvision are preferred by the customers by friends web designer. We are best CCTV camera dealers in Delhi and Faridabad have started to see an increase in demand for these systems for flats and individual floors.