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Website Redesigning Service

Your website is arguably your most critical marketing asset, however it’s not sufficient to just HAVE one. Your website needs to be your 24/7 sales representative, and if it isn’t churning out leads and sales, you need to redesign your website.

Consider these statistics:

  • A single bad user experience on a website makes users 88% less likely to visit the website again.

  • Your website's conversion rate could increase by 200% to 400% with a well-designed attractive interface.

  • 48% of people say a website’s design is the number one aspect in determining the credibility of a business.

Website Redesigning Services
Website Redesigning Serices

To put it simply, the way your website appears and features matters to your bottom line. Your website need to be beautiful, neat and clean, thoughtfully laid out, and conversion-focused. A professional website redesign services company, like Blue Corona, can assist with this. What makes our websites so valuable is that we use years of records analysis to guide our designs.

Every single element of your website redesign approach will be there because we've established it contributes to multiplied leads and sales. Essentially, you’re assured to get a high-performing, lead-driving website. Scroll down to research more, or contact us to get started!

Our Custom Redesign Website Services

Custom Mobile Responsive Redesign

Custom Wordpress Redesign Services

Landing Page Redesign

E-Commerce Website Redesign

Boost Your Conversion Rate 200% to 400% With Website Redesign Company In India

Many enterprises neglect their business website design play an important role in the development of their company. It is one of the important features to get real time benefits. Website design is a part of marketing tool, it is require timely changes, Changing all the features according to search engine policies from time to time. Our professionals use the latest technology to give the best user experience and attractive interface which force customers to visit the website. Our redesign website remains attractive, capable to attract and increase the website traffic. It is necessary to increase the performance of website and make suitable changes in the existing features. Efficient optimized website redesigning services are necessary to realize the client's dreams and expectations.

Friends Web Designer's Custom Website Redesign Services

Move small business website redesigns to large, enterprise level. we deliver custom solution for your company.

Mobile Friendly Website

Custom Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile Friendly Website

A key factor in increasing a website’s conversion rates is its functionality on a mobile device—more than 80% of all website queries happen on a mobile device, So Your current website is mobile friendly? we redesign your website using latest bootstrap, media query technologies with mobile in mind—optimized and coded for the most up-to-date mobile SEO practices.

Custom Wordpress Redesigning

Custom Wordpress Redesign Services

Custom Wordpress Redesigning

Most of the IT company deliver website unique for your company-either completely custom or designed from the best-converting templates. We usually create websites using WordPress, but we can work with whatever CMS you are using (unless you got roped into using a proprietary platform then we will recreate it on WordPress).

Duplicate Website

Website Copywriting

Duplicate Website

We consider your website should be your #1 sales and marketing tool for your business. Do you know your website’s copy represent your best pitch? If you need compelling, SEO-friendly content for your website.

Landing Page Redesign

Landing Page Redesign & Optimization

Landing Page Redesign

Do you struggle with landing page optimization? We create with best practices, tips, and tools to help you build better landing pages. What does it take for a landing page to convert? We know the answer. With the right components and copy, we can improve your website’s performance. Read more about our landing page design and optimization services

Website Redesign Tips to Increase Leads and Sales

Our professional's got the experience and make few website redesign tips and best practices if you’re planning a website redesign project:

Website needs to be visible- When we say visible, we mean in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, so your website needs to be optimized for the best search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. When you choose our website design company, you’re guaranteed to have a website optimized for SEO on google and other search engines.

Website needs to be mobile friendly- 60% of all US online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets, and 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Google give's more priority to ranks mobile websites higher in the search engine results.

Website needs to be secure- Security is a big challenge, Data breaches and hacked consumer information have been big topics of discussion recently and your website visitors know this. If your website has any place where users can fill in personal information (even if it’s just a phone number and email address) it needs to be secure. Google also gives preference to secured websites in the search results.

Website needs to be fast- Website visitors need to see something happen on your website in under three seconds or as quickly as possible. If not, 80% of them will leave and go to another website. Even a one-second delay can cause a 20% reduction in conversions.

Your website needs an optimal user experience- Website should be attractive and give complete user information. Once your page loads on user device, users form an opinion in 0.5 seconds. They expect to be able to find information easily, quickly and complete information-especially from a mobile device.

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Wondering how much a website redesign costs? It really depends on the scope of work you’re looking for. You can trust us with everything from homepage redesign for small companies to enterprise websites, complete with website maintenance and all the bells and whistles. Friends Web Designer is an award-winning website redesign company with a team of digital designers specializing in redesigning and building mobile-friendly websites that:

  • 1. Increase leads

  • 2. Drive sales growth

  • 3. Optimize marketing costs

  • 4. Differentiate their brands in the marketplace

Don't waste your time, to go with other website redesign companies that only focus on the look of your company’s website, Blue Corona’s web designers uniquely target your industry, your market, and your customers with precision. But don’t take our word for it—check out our website design case studies and our website redesign examples that prove it.

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We've worked with businesses of all sizes throughout their website design projects, from small local contractors to enterprise organizations, and have a team of in-house website designers ready to take on your next project.

Tell us about your business goals and website redesign proposal. Drop us a line to learn more about our website redesign and development services or call +91 8448330430 to tell us about your company’s website needs.

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