10 Vastu tips to fill your home with positive energy

1. Avoid hanging the same god’s picture frame facing each other on the two opposite walls.

2. To bring positive vibrations and happiness, create a sound of a conch shell (Shankhnaad) twice a day, morning and evening. It could be done with the help of a singing bowl too. It is believed that these, shankh, ghanti, and singing bowl sounds are so powerful that all the evil and negativity dies within 1KM of the sound created.

3. Try to avoid placing artificial plants and flowers inside your house. Rather try out indoor plants and flowers that require less sunlight. Artificial plants and flowers are dead, they do not have life in them so they are inauspicious.

4. Try to use mirrors without corners, which means round or circular, or oval, for bathrooms or dressing tables. This will help you look into your eyes filled with dreams without any limitation in the form of corners.

5. Try to use earthen pots (mitti ke ghade) for storing drinking water. It gives a connection with the earth element and also keeps us healthy.

6. For children to inhibit earth elements, they can give water to plants regularly. Keeping the plants and pots in the south of the house will make the south heavier (which is good) and also give children the benefits of Mars (like courage, intensity towards their life aims) whose direction is south.

7. Please check your bedroom if there is any God’s idol in any form like a showpiece or framed image, then it has to be removed. God’s image should not be placed in the bedroom according to vastu shastra.

8. If we talk about clocks, then it is very inauspicious to keep damaged clocks in the home or office. Clocks that are not in working conditions should be repaired soon or removed from the home.

9. A storeroom in a house is a mandatory requirement generally. It becomes our duty to check that we do not have unnecessary heavy things or broken glass or mirrors or broken utensils loaded in our house that are not required anymore. They are only creating extra load on our house which is unsuspicious.

10. For the study room of the house, it is advised in vastu that there should be enough light with natural light, that means there should be windows in the east or north in that room and the study table should not be placed under the beam if any in the room.

Let us keep it short as of now, hope all these could be beneficial for you. I am Acharya Komal Goyal, an Astrologer and Vastu Expert. Happy housing my dear readers, will get back to you soon with yet another topic of use.

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