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If you’ve been following our newbie’s guide to air miles, rewards points, and cash-back credit cards, you may want to know where to spend your newfound savings. So we put together this list of great summer spots because, as we always say: Like a good pizza bagel, travel makes everything better.


Hawaii is the best place to vacation in the summer. It’s got beaches, it’s got activities for the whole family, and it’s a great place to relax.

There are many beautiful beaches in Hawaii. You can go swimming at these beaches or look at them while lying on a beach chair. Some of these beaches have waves so high that they crash over your head!

You can also go surfing or snorkeling at some of these beaches if you want something more active than just lying there all day. If you prefer something relaxing like reading books instead, there are also lots of bookstores where you can find new titles each day but only need one copy between everyone who wants one because they’re so popular no one else has ever heard about them yet! There are also lots of restaurants nearby if you get hungry after spending all day indoors reading books; however, most restaurants serve food made with ingredients from farms located far away from Hawaii (like California).


Cabo is a great place to go in the summer. There are many things you can do there, places to stay, places to eat and visit. Cabo has so much to offer for all ages. You will find what ever you need for your vacation!

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a great place to vacation. It’s a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and many things to do. There are many activities available in the Bahamas, including sailing, water sports and fishing. The Bahamas has an amazing climate all year round which makes it very pleasant for visitors.


Italy is a great place to go for your summer vacation. Italy is a great place to go for your summer vacation because it is warm and sunny. Italy is a great place to go for your summer vacation because it has great food.

Lake Como

Lake Como is a very popular destination for summer vacation. The lake is beautiful and there are many things to do in the area. It’s also a great place for families with children, who love being near the water.

Lake Como is a very popular place for summer vacation because it offers so many opportunities to enjoy yourself outdoors or indoors. You could take a boat trip across the lake or rent one of their jet skis or other similar watercrafts if you want something more active during your visit here!


Greece is a great place to visit in the summer.

The Greek islands are beautiful and there is a lot of history on them, especially in Athens. The food is delicious and you can eat it for every meal, which is great because there are many dishes to choose from. The people are friendly and if you don’t speak any Greek they will help you out however they can! I lived there for two years so I know what I’m talking about here 🙂 They love Americans! Greece also has some beautiful beaches with clean water that’s warm enough to swim in all year round (if you’re into swimming). If that’s not good enough then they have tons of activities like hiking up mountains or surfing on special boards called boogies with their friends! There really isn’t anything better than spending time outside doing fun stuff while enjoying nature at its finest without having any worries about anything else going on around us while we’re having fun together as friends/family members who enjoy spending time together just being ourselves without worrying about things happening around us while enjoying ourselves instead – what could possibly be better than that?

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If you’re looking to travel somewhere, you should consider Spain. Spain is a country in Europe with a rich history and beautiful landscape, as well as a great climate and food culture. The architecture of the buildings shows how old they are, and there are many museums to explore if you want to learn more about their history. There’s also plenty of parks and beaches where you can hang out all day when it’s sunny out!

You should go to the Mediterranean for your summer vacation

The Mediterranean is a great place to spend your summer vacation. If you’re planning on going, here are some tips:

• Plan ahead: Book your flight(s) and hotel as early as possible so that you can get the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals.

• Pack light: It’s hard enough to find space for all of your things in a suitcase; don’t make it harder by bringing unnecessary junk. Think about what you’ll actually need—not what will just make it convenient for you—and leave behind anything else that doesn’t fit or isn’t essential. Also remember that while having more than one suitcase might seem like a good idea because then there’s room in each one for everything, they take up more room at check-in and usually weigh more too! So stick with just one or two bags instead of three or four (or five).


Summer is a time for rest and relaxation. It’s also a time to travel to your favorite vacation spot and escape the daily grind.

Whether you want to go somewhere warm or cool, I hope this list has inspired you! If not then, consider asking your friends and family members where they would go on their summer vacation. Believe it or not, they might have some great ideas too!

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