Baba Ka Mandir – It happens only in India

The Nation comes first!

So is the pledge and the adage of the time for not only the youth but for all Indians too. We all ought to love our country and should not think twice if there arises time to martyr.

Captain Baba Harbhajan Singh lived the same values and principles before going martyr for saving the motherland on 4th October 1968, when he was just 22 years old, being born on 30 August 1946.

However, the story does not end here with the climax arising after his death, when his soul starts guarding the nation against any Chinese infiltration or misdeed against India at Nathu La Pass.

So, great is the country, and so great are the warriors who guard the nation even after they left for the next abode.

Where is Baba Ka Mandir located?

Baba Harbhajan Singh’s Mandir is located between Nathu La Pass and Jelepa pass around 53 km from Gangtok near the area where he was deployed at the time of his martyr.

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What is unique about Baba Ka Mandir?

Baba Ka Mandir is a unique temple of its kind in the entire world and must be visited at least as a symbol of solidarity to the soldiers who sacrifice their lives while saving the motherland and perform their duties even after departing their body.

It is a live testimonial and a masterpiece of one’s dedication towards one’s nation and the motherland.

Who was Captain Harbhajan Singh?

Captain Harbhajan Singh was a soldier in the Indian army who got martyr at the age of just 22 years in 1968 near Nathu La Pass, at an elevation of 14,500 ft, when he was guarding the Indo-Chinese border between Sikkim and Tibet.

He was drowned in a glacier while leading mules carrying regular supplies to his remote post. His body was not traced for 2-3 days, even after a thorough search operation led by the army. Later he informed about his whereabouts to one of his mates in his dreams.

His body was finally located at the same place as he informed his friend in his dream. Subsequently, the body was cremated with full state honours, and a shrine was established in his name there.

Even today, he informs and guides the Indian Army of impending dangers from Chinese somewhere near three days or so in advance.

And as per Chinese soldiers’, they have often seen a Sikh guarding the Indian border during the odd hours, whereas at that time, no Sikh soldier was deployed there.

When he was born and when did he join the Indian Army?

He was born on 30th August 1946 in Sadrana village, which is now in Pakistan, in a Sikh family. After his matriculation from DAV High School in Patti, Punjab, he joined the Indian Army as a soldier in Punjab regiment in 1965.

Why was the temple established?

He is immortal, and his soul still actively performs his duties and guards the nation.

It has been proved and established umpteen times that he is still living there and guarding the Indian border, therefore in his honour, a temple was established there and will be maintained forever. His several devotees daily visit there to offer their prayers and obeisance, seeking his blessings and good wishes.

As per his seniority, he has been promoted to Hon. Captain and has a full-fledged home attached to the temple, where his bed and uniform is maintained daily besides shoes shinning along with daily cleaning of the home.

And, as per the people staying in the temple, all the things in his room seemed to be used during the night, when they open the doors the next morning, though no one physically stays in his room.

Once a year, as usual, regular personnel, he goes on leave to his village. A ticket is issued in his name and a seat is booked for him. Three army personnel carry his belongings to his village and bring them back after his leaves are over to let him resume the duties.

Even during flag meetings between India and China, the Chinese set aside a chair in the meeting for him as an honour.

He is a great inspiration and an immortal soul to be inspired from. All other youths should take a lesson from him to become patriotic beyond one’s existence to such an extent that even their soul should be ready to serve the nation even after their soul departs their body.

What are the other tourists’ destinations near the mandir?

Nathu La Pass, Jelepa pass, Yumthang Valley and Tsomgo Lake are a few of the other tourist destinations in the nearby area, which one should also visit while being here.

What is the best time to visit Baba Ka Mandir?

The best time to visit Baba Ka Mandir is summers i.e. from May to October when the temperature lies somewhere between 10-15 degree Celsius, and days are clearer and brighter to let one arrive here conveniently and pay obeisance and prayers to Baba. 

On the clear day, the views on the way and at the temple are amazingly panoramic, making the journey mesmerizing amid pleasant weather and serene surroundings of the Majestic Himalayas.

Does one require a permit to be there?

Yes, as this is the Government protected zone, therefore, one needs a permit, commonly known as PAP, the Protected Area Permit from Sikkim Tourism Department in Gangtok, to visit the temple. 

Identity proof like Voters ID card, Passport, etc. along with two passport size photographs are enough to get the permit. It may be issued on the same day or may take a day or two. Therefore, it is advisable to get the permit in advance before being there. 

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What are the other precautions one should take before arriving here?

Baba Ka Mandir is situated on a quite high altitude; therefore, the visitors coming here often suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), also known as high altitude sickness. On higher altitudes, the oxygen level significantly gets reduced and leads to dizziness, giddiness, headaches, tiredness, vomiting, trouble sleeping, and many other similar symptoms.

One should consult a doctor or a physician to ensure fitness before planning to visit here.

Conclusion: Besides patriotism, the pleasant environment and the scenic beauty amid the perfect serenity away from the polluted and the noisy urban life makes it a must to visit destination for all to come here and spend some quality time with their families and loved ones. In addition, one can also visit other enticing tourists’ destinations while being here.

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