How to create an exam mark sheet with school management software?

School management software helps the school administration and the teaching staff. During the pandemic situation, the schools are not being operated daily. It becomes very difficult for the teaching staff to conduct normal activities. 

Since the students are having online classes the teaching materials must be provided. Their attendance must be taken, fees details must be provided. The exams must be taken with proper mark sheets of all the online exams that have been taken. There are a lot of ways in which the exams can be taken most safely. This is only to ensure that the students are not using any malpractices.

When the schools used to operate daily, many exams are taken. Exams like the unit tests, 1st term, 2nd term, final exams etc are there. The question papers are saved in the apps for future use and reference in other exams. 

The marks received by the students are also kept in record. They are added to the mark sheets of the students at the end of the year. This lets the teachers calculate the cumulative marks for the students. This is done for individual students to check their performance.

Utilities of making mark sheets online

As discussed before the students might not be able to attend the classes physically. But the daily studies are done and the yearly exams are being taken. As the students give their exams like normal times, the teachers need to check the exam papers. The work of the teachers does not end after the papers are checked. 

They need to record the marks in the software. The software looks after the academic performance of the students. The marks for each of the exams must be recorded. This enables the teachers to craft the mark sheets for each of the students online. This makes sure they can look into their performance data.

Parents are also able to understand the academic performance of the students in this way. The mark sheets not only contain the marks of one term but they have the marks for all the terms. There are specific grades for all the subjects that are displayed. The other reports are also provided in the same mark sheet. 

These contain the attendance performance, ECA participation, EVS marks. At the end of the year, when the child gets promoted to a higher class the reports are generated. This is done just like that of any other year. These mark sheets are saved in the profiles of the students and kept for the parents to check and refer to.

Steps to make the mark sheets online

Let us check the steps in which the teachers can create mark sheets for the whole year. This will enable us to see the performance of the students annually.

• The teachers at first have to log in to the software with their ID and password. This lets them get into the home page for the administrative work. Next, on the left side, they have to select the exam management option and then click on the Add/Edit Exam Marks. This is for adding the marks that the students have received.

• Next, a different page will open having the title of Add Exam Report. The page will have several dropdowns to select. There will be options like Select Class, Select Section, Select Exam Category. Other options to manually fill in will be Enter Student’s Name, the date box and the submit button. The teachers are supposed to fill in all the options correctly. This enables them to save the marks for all the students in the correct way.

• The dropdown of the fields mentioned above needs to be selected correctly. For example, the class dropdown will contain all the details for all the classes that are there. 

• Next in the select section dropdown the correct section for the class needs to be selected. In the select exam category, the teacher needs to select the exam name like 1st term or 2nd term or half-yearly. Next in the Exam Category dropdown, the exam name like the unit test or weekly test needs to be selected.

• After the exam information is selected in the dropdowns, the dates are selected from the box. The teacher needs to select the start date for the specific exam. They can then proceed further by clicking the Submit button.

• After the exam details are submitted the next page provides the names of the students. This is according to their roll number and the subjects are also mentioned in columns. The teacher is required to fill in the marks of the students. This enables the teachers to calculate the total marks received by the students. 

• They should choose the option Update all at the end so that the marks are updated for all the students. The software will start giving pop-up messages. These will be stating that the students’ marks are all updated. The teachers can also click on the refresh button and check if the marks are all provided in the right place.

• The next step is to go back to the Exam Management option on the left side of the screen again. Teachers can select the Student Report option to have a look at the report cards of the students. 

• The next page will provide the names of the students according to their roll numbers. There will be other details as well like their parents’ names and phone numbers. There will be a column that will have two tabs. This would either provide the class test report or the annual report. The teacher can choose the one that needs.

• At the top, the teachers need to select the class and section from the dropdown. They must then proceed by clicking submit. This will take them to the report card containing the marks that the student has achieved. The mark sheets will have one page containing their details. The other page will have the marks along with the grades for the different subjects.

These are the steps to create a mark sheet with school software Once the teachers get the hang of this, they will face no other issues with exam reports in the future.

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