How To Optimize Website For Social Media Marketing?

Social media optimization is the new buzzword because with users spending two and a half hours on social media every day, it’s important to make your website ready for social media. SMO builds the platform for your social media marketing strategy by preparing all the tools you need to run a social media campaign. It also syncs with and boosts your SEO efforts. You can consult SMO experts on the best ways to optimize your website for social media. You can also consult website design companies in NJ for the aesthetic parts of the strategy like the placement of social sharing buttons.

Social Media Optimization Tips For Websites

Include Like/Share Count

The number of likes and shares on your blog post act as your social proof. They tell other readers how many people find your content useful and improve their opinion about your brand considerably. So, if you have a good like/share count on social media accounts, then include the count on your blog posts and other shareable content.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

The equation is simple, the easier you make it for your visitors to share your web content, the more likely they are to share it. So add social sharing buttons on your webpages in prominent positions. You should consult website design companies in NJ on the best places to attach the buttons. You should include social media buttons that your target audience is likely to use. If you aren’t sure what to add, then start with Facebook and Twitter.

Post Share-Worthy Content

If the content you post is good enough, then most people will share it. The content you post on your website will reflect on its quality. You should focus on the quality of your content by investing in well-written blog posts and high-quality graphics.

Update Content Regularly

You need to post fresh content at regular intervals to maintain your audience’s interest and maintain engagement with them. This will also help your SEO campaign as you can add keywords to your blogs and tell the search engines that you added something fresh to your website.

Diversify Your Content

Most people use multiple social networking sites and use them for different purposes, e.g. they may use LinkedIn for job hunting and Twitter to rant. Consult a social media service about the best content for different social media and diversify your web content to increase the reach of your SMM campaign. Don’t limit yourself to blogs, include images, vlogs and podcasts in your campaign.

Allow Visitors To Sign Up With Social Media

Signing up for newsletter or blog updates with social media is simpler than filling up a contact form because it usually requires only one click. And the easier you make it for people to sign up for your content, the more likely they are to do so.

Integrate Comment Section With Facebook

Integrating your comment section with Facebook allows users already logged in to leave comments on your posts with ease and increases your engagement level. The comments also show up on the user’s news feed or activity log, which increases your visibility considerably. You just need to add a plugin to enable this feature on your website.

Submit Links To Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites allow users to bookmark webpages and revisit them later from any device. Social media marketers can use this to add, annotate and share webpages with their team. Other users can comment or vote for new pages, which shows the links’ value.

Study Analytics

A good social media service will always study analytics to keep track of how well the SMO strategy is working and make changes to the strategy based on the results. Some metrics that you should focus on include your likes, shares and web traffic. how many of those visitors convert into customers or subscribers.

Summary – You can boost your social media marketing campaign by optimizing your website for the platforms used by your target audience. This involves more than just adding social buttons to all the webpages.

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