Interesting Facts About Thukpa Noodles That You Must Know

Whether it be at the stalls or the restaurants, Indians just can’t have enough of thukpa noodles in Malviya Nagar. Between the clear broth, the slippery noodles, spices and vegetables, it is as much a meal as it is a snack.

Like everyone’s favorite dumplings, this noodle soup traces its origins to Tibet and was introduced to India through Tibetan refugees. Since then, it has become everyone’s go-to street snack right next to the local chole bhature and paani puri. If its taste hasn’t already given you enough reasons to crave a bowl daily, then here are a few more reasons to do so.

Interesting Thukpa Noodles Facts

The Meaning

Thukpa is a generic word that Tibetans use to refer to any noodle soup dish. In fact, different regions use different ingredients for the dish. You might even find different variations of thukpa noodles in Malviya Nagar itself.

So don’t be surprised if your favorite street food tastes different at different places. In fact, you should travel to different places and savour the different tastes.

Same Origins As Momos

If the words momo and thukpa sound like they belong together, then you’re right they do. Both momos and thukpa noodles in Malviya Nagar trace their origins to Tibet.

The dish made an impact with the rest of the nation when Tibetan refugees fleeing the Chinese invasion of Tibet started serving it to the locals for a living. It’s also popular in the Himalayan nations of Nepal and Bhutan.

Health Benefits

Healthy might be the last tag that you might apply to noodles in general, but it fits well before thukpa noodles in Malviya Nagar. It can be a wholesome meal as long as the chef uses fresh high-quality ingredients.

For starters, this dish is low on calories and won’t affect your health as long as you’re active. It is rich in proteins, carbs and other nutrients thanks to the meat and veggies. The vegetables inside, like carrot and cabbage, might also improve your digestive health. Herbs like pepper and ginger improve your immunity during winters. So slurp your favorite noodle soup without worrying about the calories.

Served With Momos

Why choose between thukpa and momo when you can have both? Just buy thukpa with momos online order in Malviya Nagar and enjoy. After all, they’re meant to be together.

Traditionally, people in the Himalayan region, particularly in Sikkim, pair the two together by having the dumplings as starters and noodles as the main dish. This pairing will let you enjoy the two best immigrant dishes and satisfy your hunger.

Different Regions, Different Thukpa

As previously mentioned, different regions use different ingredients. The thukpa noodles in Malviya Nagar that most of us are familiar with is the Nepali version. It’s popular due to its generous use of spices and vegetables, both of which work well with the Indian tastes.

The Bhutanese favour a variation called dehtuk in which they use rice instead of noodles and top it with butter. People in Darjeeling prepare the noodle soup by slow cooking it in a pot of water but rarely use pork.

The Perfect Winter Dish

With origins in the Tibetan plateau, you shouldn’t be surprised to know how precious this soup is during winters. Between the clear brother, the chillies and the spices, this meal will keep you warm long after you sip the last drop. The pepper and garlic in it will boost your immunity and help prevent you from falling sick.

You can buy it with momos through online order in Malviya Nagar to enjoy the perfect winter treat. Between the soup and the dumpling, you can say goodbye to the winter chills.

Summary – Here are some interesting facts you might want to know about them before having thukpa noodles in Malviya Nagar if you really love them. No. 4 might make you love them more.

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