Kasol – The Mini Israel of India

Kasol, the mini Israel of India is a hamlet in Parvati Valley of district Kullu, Himachal Pradesh the northern Indian state and is situated on the banks of the Parvati River in between Bhuntar and Manikaran. It is about 30 km from Bhuntar and near 3.5 km from Manikaran.

Kasol is the most sought-after destination of backpackers and provides the best trekking base to Malana and Kheerganga. It is considered as the mini Israel of India owing to a very high percentage of Israeli tourists round the year here.

What is the best time to visit Kasol?

The best time to visit Kasol is from May to October when it’s beauty is at its peak. The weather throughout the year is exciting and lures the tourists round the year. It receives snow-fall from late December to February and is often visited by snow lovers during this period.

What are the other tourist destinations in Kasol?

Kasol is known for it’s serene and peaceful environment. Kasol is located in the Himalayas and is one of the most looked after destination by the nature lovers and the peace seekers who enjoy the serenity and the calmness of nature away from the urban crowd, traffic, noise and other clutter.

Though, there are many tourist destinations in Kasol, but undermentioned a few are a must for all who so ever visits there, no matter whether they are peace seekers, nature lovers of adventurers at heart.

1) Malana – The little Greece of India

Malana is one of the oldest villages in Kasol and is one of the most visited destinations. It is famous for Jamlu Devta Temple, and distinct tradition and culture of its local people.

Tourists often visit here from far-flung area to witness the distinct culture besides the panoramic views and picturesque scenes, which often leave the visitors spell-bind to remain immersed in the enticing surroundings for hours. And for the shutter burgers, it is an absolute paradise.

Malana itself has isolated itself from the rest of the world as they consider themselves as the most pious and are scared that the outsiders should not ruin the purity of their race, traditions and culture.

The tourists are not allowed to touch their belongings without their permission. In case some of the tourists even touch their walls, they wash the walls with the blood of buffalos.

2) A stroll at Parvati River with your loved one

There is nothing better in Kasol, then strolling nearby the Parvati River while, hand in hand with loved one and rejuvenating soul, body and mind. It is the best place to get one lost with a lover in the calmness of nature and rekindle love while strengthening bonds.

Otherwise, what else could be better than to stretch along a smooth rock on the river bank with someone while dangling foot in the cold river water. The surrounding scenic beauty and the majestic Himalayan views are sure to make one’s day mesmerizing for the rest of their life bringing them here again and again.

The pleasant climate and the beautiful landscapes further add to these panoramic views.

After due permission, one could do trout fishing also besides going for river rafting. Lying for hours on the bank of Parvati River is often the best thing to do there with family and spouse while enjoying the togetherness and spending some quality time with them.

3) Seeking blessings of Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is the most sacred place for Hindus and Sikhs at about 6 km from Kasol. Known for its Gurudwara and the famous hot spring it is visited by the sacred hearts as well as the other tourists around the year besides others who often flock here to immerse in its pleasant landscape and the scenic beauty.

The surroundings refresh and rejuvenate the visitors while the hot spring owing to its healing powers cure many ailments of devotees who take a bath in it. Devotees come here from far-flung areas to get rid of their sins while curing many diseases, especially skin diseases. This place is totally different to Sikkim flower valley you can’t feel good in kasol.

Tourist usually enjoy cooking rice in hot water of the spring as the water is hot enough to boil the rice when kept dipped in it for some time, maybe in a cloth bag or tied in a cloth.

Another exciting thing here is the famous Langar. It is the community food, which is the most enjoyed here wherein all people irrespective of their origin, cast and creed enjoy the food together for free.

A three-hour-long trek amidst scintillating surroundings is one of another exciting thing tourists do. It is the perfect time to soak in the surroundings away from the crowded streets and noisy traffic. The sprawling natural beauty throughout the trek itself is awe-inspiring.

4) Trekking in Kheer Ganga

Kheer Ganga is one of the easiest treks in Kasol to be trekked by most of the tourists who are not even trekkers. It is a preferred trekking place for the adventurers as well as the nature lovers considering the beautiful scenes in the backdrop blended by the year-round pleasant weather.

Kheer Ganga is a clean nine km steep climb. With hot springs at the top, it keeps the trekkers excited and charged throughout the expedition, and is often taken as a treat by the trekkers to have a hot bath and relax. 

Trekkers lay there for hours in the hot bath while relaxing their tired feet and refreshing their body and soul. The surrounding beauty and the chill in the air further add to the most unforgettable moments one spends here.

Options to stay at the top are also available with many nearby residents offering good stay and food.

5) Trekking uphill to Tosh Village

One could be at Tosh Village by trekking up the hill and enjoying the passing by beautiful scenes, though cabs also ply on the route against a charge.

Tosh provides one with delicious Israeli and European cuisines along with a rich blend of coffees on the way. There are several eateries along the side to relax and continue while trekking along with family or in a group.

Tosh is a small village uphill with serenity and beauty at it’s best. The snow-capped mountains and the utmost peace with pin-drop silence make this place one of the musts to visit destination in their bucket list.

From photography to trekking everything here is different from the rest of the Kasol.

Conclusion – Visiting Kasol has its excitation and attraction besides purifying body and soul. Whether you are a honeymooner, a snow-lover, a nature lover, or an adventurer, it has much to offer all.

Kasol is one of the perfect paradises tourists often crave for and visit from far of destinations. With beautiful natural vistas and splendid panoramic views, there is nothing better than Kasol. 

It is best to explore with spouse, family, or friends as spending quality time here with near ones and dear ones will keep soul happy, rejuvenated and fresh for the years to come. 

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