Not Sure If It’s A Good Time To Order Momos? It Probably Is.

You shouldn’t have to wonder whether it’s a good time to have them or not. After all, who needs a good occasion to order these delicious warm dumplings? You should just visit momos restaurants in Gurgaon when you feel hungry and snack on them, with your friends or by yourself. But if you need a good reason to munch on these Himalayan dumplings, then here are some occasions you might consider.

When It’s A Good Time To Order Momos


Momo has always been an evening snack with most stalls setting up and serving them late afternoon or sunset. It’s probably the time you start craving for these Himalayan dumplings. It’s probably when you are free from work.


Who doesn’t enjoy a plate of white steamy dumplings when the cold winds start blowing during the last part of the year? A plate of it with some spicy chutney and cream dip is enough to warm you up from the inside. You can turn your winter nights even warmer with some soup momos at restaurants in Gurgaon.

After Work/Classes

After a tiring day at work or college, a plate of spicy momos is what you need to restore your energy and refresh your mood. If you use public transport to commute, then you might come across a stall or two near the stops. If you drive, then you can make a snack stop on your way home. You can even invite your colleagues/classmates for an evening snack before leaving for home.

During Break

If you don’t like having something heavy for lunch breaks, then you should snack on a plate of dumplings to enjoy your break without stuffing yourself. If you’ve got a free period or an evening break, then you can order some tandoori momos in Gurgaon to spice it up.


If you like building your appetite before the main meal, then a plate of these dumplings might be what you need. Sandheko momo is a particularly good starter with the variety of spices it comes covered in enough to build your appetite. You can also have kothey or jhol momo if you like having soup for starters.

Binge Watching

Popcorns may be easy to munch on but they tend to get stuck between the teeth a lot. If you’d rather not have to remove corn shells from your gums, then you should order a plate of dumplings instead. They’re just as easy to snack on and you can remove them more easily if they get stuck.

Last-Minute Treats

We’ve all got those friends who demand a party for about every occasion you can think of. While you might not have a budget for a regular party, you might be able to treat them to a plate of deep-fried momos to shut them up and enjoy your meal.


Momo might be the last thing on your mind when you consider what to include in your party menu. After all, you have to eat them soon. Well, they should be fine as long as you prepare and serve them during the party. You can also order the snacks right before you plan on serving them or host the party at the restaurant to make it easier.

Any Time

As we said, you shouldn’t need a good reason to have tandoori momos in Gurgaon. You should snack on them whenever you feel like having them. While most stalls serve them for a limited time after evening, restaurants may serve them from late morning to late night. So don’t think too much about it, just order them when you feel like having them.

Summary – If you’re wondering whether it’s a good time to order tandoori momos in Gurgaon or not, then it probably is. You shouldn’t have to wonder about it, but if you are, then here are some clues for you.

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