T-Shirt Printing Tips: Trendy Designs You Should Try

You can use various printing techniques and embroidery in Denver to create unique garments. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can add to your shirt’s design. But if you plan on creating merchandise for your event or shop, then you need to keep modern trends in mind to appeal to your target audience. It will help you keep your garments sleek and modern.

Hand-Drawn Flowers

Flowers were always popular. They represent beauty, growth or a fresh start. You can add a minimalist or abstract feel to the design by using hand-drawn flowers. You can also use them to frame your main design and give weight to it.

Faux Pocket

This trend emerged in 2019 and has become popular since then. Creating small logos with a small message is a subtle and creative way to promote your message. You can also go for embroidery in Denver to create faux pockets with a 3D texture.

Off-Register Prints

Inspired by pop art in the ‘60s, this design literally goes outside the box. Off-register prints consist of blobs of colors that lie outside the outline of the main design. Use thick lines to make them visible.


Often confused with checkered-patterns, plaid-patterns involve lines of varying widths with two or three colors that crisscross each other. The point where the two colors cross forms a gradient with a dotted pattern. You can use embroidery in Denver to give the design a realistic texture.

Side-Aligned Text

This only works with text-only designs. It gives the text a sense of purpose and creates a neat minimalist aesthetic.

Oversized Back Prints

Oversized back prints are popular among Gen Z and VSCO girls. It complements the oversized garments that they tend to prefer. It also matches grunge style clothes. You can add a pocket print on the front during t-shirt printing in Denver to complement the large design.

Abstract Designs

Abstract designs feel organic and create a compelling effect. There is no limit to what type of graphics you can create. You can use line art, sketches, typography, etc. You can use this style to convey your inner feelings rather than taking inspiration from the world outside.

90’s Vibe

The nostalgic designs of the ‘80s and ‘90s continue to be popular even now. It’s popular among VSCO girls, Gen Z and Youtubers. Think of neon bright colors, geometric shapes and MTV vibes when going for t-shirt printing in Denver.

Repeated Text

Sometimes, saying it once isn’t enough. You need to repeat your message to get your point across. It’s great if you want something that isn’t super savvy but pleasing to look at. You can use effects like fade-in to add to the appeal.

Collegiate Designs

Collegiate designs are popular among people who miss the good college days. The simple fonts and designs fell athletic. It usually involves a large design on the center of the shirt’s chest and back. You can also use embroidery in Denver to give the shirts a more sporty feel.

Negative Space

You may be surprised by the effects you can get by using negative space. Negative space refers to the empty space in the design. You need to use designs and shirts with contrasting colors (like black and white) to get the desired effect.


People see mountains as symbols for hefty challenges or being out in nature. It’s popular among travelers and people with lofty goals. You can use t-shirt printing in Denver to represent the beauty of mountains in various manners like monochromes or colorful prints.

Bold Statements

Sometimes you don’t need motivational quotes or graphics to get your point across. A word or phrase may be enough to hit the mark. You can use small fonts to add to the minimalism. Choose a font that suits the tone you want to convey.

These are just some options you should consider before going for t-shirt printing in Denver. You should research as many options as possible based on your requirements.

Summary – You can use various printing techniques and embroidery in Denver to create unique garments. You need to keep modern t-shirt design trends in mind to appeal to your target audience.

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