Tips To Choose Fireplace Inserts For Your Home

People who want to upgrade their existing fireplace for efficient heating can take the help of a gas fireplace insert in Denver. You can find various models with different features at a fireplace store.

At its core, a fireplace insert is a box with a fire burning in it (except for electric inserts). They are usually designed to be installed inside an existing fireplace. It is meant to be an alternative to replacing or renovating the said fireplace. You can also use it if your home has a chimney but no fireplace.

Many homeowners have an old masonry fireplace that’s inefficient in heating the room and lets a draft in. The insert can help improve the fireplace’s efficiency and vent through the chimney.

With so many options in the market, it can be hard to choose a firebox. That’s why here’s a brief guide to help you out:


Fireplace inserts usually come in small, medium or large sizes. Knowing what size you need is usually the first step when looking for them. You need to measure the length, width and depth of your existing fireplace opening. Different openings have different sizes, so you’ll need flashings to fill the empty areas.

Fuel Type

– Wood Burning

The appeal of real wood cracking with sparks flying while the flames dance is hard to beat. One could be mesmerized by the scene of logs burning. That’s why many stick with wood as their fuel. It does not require electricity to operate making it great during power outages. Though blowers in the unit would require power to function.

A wood firebox works like a wood stove that burns logs to heat the room. It’s more efficient than the traditional log burning fireplace. Venting is done through flexible or rigid liners. You need to ensure that the device complies with the EPA standards before purchasing it.

– Pellet

These inserts use small compressed pellets of compressed wood. Pellets are manufactured to burn efficiently, making them more energy-efficient than logs. Pellet fireplace inserts are more efficient than wood-burning inserts but more affordable than gas fireboxes.

The firebox vents into the chimney through a flexible liner or through a wall. It consists of a fan to spread the heat throughout the room. A pellet unit usually needs electricity to function, though it doesn’t consume much power. Some models come with a battery backup to power the unit in case the power goes out.

– Gas

Gas units are very convenient and efficient, that’s why many homeowners choose these fireplace inserts in Denver. You need a supply of natural gas or propane to burn the flame. Propane burns cleaner but natural gas may be convenient for those with a gas supply.

These units are designed to burn efficiently, making them ideal for saving energy. Gas costs less than electricity, making it a budget-friendly fuel. A gas-burning unit does not need electricity to function though fans in the model would need it.

Gas fireplace inserts may use vent-free or direct venting. The vent-free option uses the oxygen in the room to burn and release a tiny amount of smoke inside. It’s convenient but may not be allowed everywhere. Direct-venting uses an outdoor venting system to exchange the air.

– Electric

Electric fireplaces are the most versatile and arguably eco-friendliest options. They don’t need to burn logs or gas to heat the room. You can install them almost anywhere they can fit. But they can’t function without electricity. The flame inside the box isn’t real but simulated through a screen or lighting.


– Control System

It could be a few knobs on a panel or remote control.

– Circulation System

Some units come with a circulation system to spread the heat more evenly throughout the room.

– Adjustable Flame Size

Some inserts allow users to control the size of the flame for visual appeal and more heat.

– Thermostat Control

Many models can be connected to a thermostat. This ensures that your room maintains your preferred temperature during the winter.


You’ll need to consider the price of the unit and the cost to install it.
Summary – With so many fireplace inserts in Denver to choose from, a homeowner might be confused about which insert to buy. You need to consider a few factors like measurement, fuel type, features and price.

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