Tips To Use Your Company Website As An Effective PR Tools

Your website is an important PR tool because it creates the first impression of your brand for most people online. It’s why you need to invest in a website designing company in Faridabad to create a unique website that appeals to your target audience, conveys your brand message and informs what you can do for them. You can tweak various elements of your website to strengthen your relation with your public.

How To Use Website For PR

Know If You Need A Press Section

You may not need a press section if you just established your company or if your audience is very niche. A blog section may suffice in such cases. But once you start establishing yourself in the industry and gain news coverage, then you might want press coverage. This section can also help you promote events, recent achievement, CSR activities and press releases.

Treat Every Page Like Homepage

Your website creates the first impression of your brand for most people online but not everyone who visits your site will visit it through the homepage. Some may visit your landing pages, some your service pages and some your blogs. Any web designing company in Faridabad you hire must ensure that every webpage is well designed and creates a good impression for your brand.

Invest In SEO

Visibility is the key to most PR activities and search engine optimization is all about making your website visible on search engine results. It includes various activities like keyword research, backlink generation, writing meta tags, etc. Consult an SEO expert to audit what you need to do to improve your SERP ranking.

Add Newsroom Option To Navigation Bar

Many journalists will leave the website if they can’t find a news section as soon as they open the website. Any PR agency in Delhi can tell you the importance of making the journalist’s job easier by adding the newsroom link to the navigation bar so that they can find the stories they are looking for and publish them on their websites.

Declutter Your Newsroom Section

Companies tend to post their news stories, events and press releases in the same section. This clutters the media section and confuses the journalists. Declutter your newsroom section by creating separate subsections for events, press releases, stories, etc.

Blog For PR

There are cases where adding a press section to the website may not make sense. You can use your blog to build public relations instead. You can post fresh, well-written content to showcase your industry knowledge and establish yourself as an industry leader. You can also share news, events, press releases, etc. here. Consult a PR agency in Delhi on how to blog for PR. Try to post at regular intervals to engage with your audience.

Integrate Website With Social Media

Nothing builds relationships online like social media, making it an important PR tool. Identify the social media platforms ideal for communicating with your audience and include links on your header, footer and/or contact us. Add social sharing and like buttons to your blog posts and news articles to help readers who like your content share it with others. Integrate your comment section with social media to engage with your readers with ease without sign-ups. If you have a good like/share count, then display them to improve your impression.

Add Real Media Contact

Journalists prefer contacting one person from the company rather than multiple people for the same story. Identify your media spokesperson and provide their contact details on the website. Choose someone comfortable speaking with the media.

Offer Digital Assets

Journalists are more likely to publish your stories if they have complementary images and visuals to add to them. Digital assets could include images from events, profile photos of company spokespersons, infographics on the subject, etc. You can consult PR agencies in Delhi to create high-quality digital assets and upload them on the site. Do provide high and low resolution versions.

Summary – Your website is an essential PR tool because it creates the first impression of your business among your clients. You can tweak your website with the help of a web designing company in Delhi to strengthen your public relations.

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