Top Australian SEO Companies
Top Australian SEO Companies

What an SEO Agency May Never Tell You

Search engine optimization, SEO, can be complicated without an SEO agency leading with a digital marketing plan. Rather than giving up, you need a digital marketing strategy that works. You need an SEO company with a team of SEO experts. You will need SEO specialists for an effective SEO strategy to get search engine marketing right. 

Sometimes, a digital marketing agency designs an SEO campaign, including every SEO service they know. SEO strategies come through search engine optimisation services specific to your niche. However, SEO services by the SEO company determine the search engine rankings  SEO Agency. 

However, there are some secrets of SEO marketing that your SEO agency may not disclose. In addition, it takes SEO specialists to produce results from a successful SEO campaign using digital marketing tricks. So, on the part of the business owner, what are the secrets of an SEO specialist?

Just like Chemistry, SEO has a Periodic Table

In the world of SEO experts, an SEO Periodic Table contains all the search engine ranking factors. It shows the SEO factors for ranking on search engine results pages. An SEO agency uses this periodic table to design an SEO strategy. Also, the SEO experts take cues from there to run SEO campaigns. Therefore, your SEO consultants must integrate this SEO campaign secret with their SEO services. Learn more about what makes a bad SEO agency? (Major Signs to Avoid).

SEO must achieve its Set Goals

SEO services should not be vague in their digital marketing strategies. So, always choose an SEO agency with clear and measurable SEO goals. SEO company’s goals may include

  • Building organic traffic
  • Brand awareness through digital marketing
  • eCommerce SEO for online stores
  • Enterprise SEO for companies
  • Other white-hat SEO methods

There are many SEO tools. Ask your SEO agency which one they use.

Different SEO agencies use other SEO tools. So, it would help if you ask your SEO agency directly about which of them they use to get the results. As expected, each tool has a peculiarity that differentiates them from another. Some common examples of top SEO tools include Ahrefs,, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and other similar SEO tools. Unfortunately, none of these tools can be effective without SEO knowledge and skill.

SEO is cheaper than you think

Business owners often assume that SEO is not affordable, but that is not true. Organic search can give you hundreds of leads monthly, each worth colossal money. The essence of SEO that the SEO agency will charge you should be very affordable, except if you decide to run ads, which you pay for. Whatever your SEO agency charge, it may not be directly related to the service they render. They may even hire another SEO agency.

Conduct Data analysis alongside your SEO strategies

One may continue to use SEO strategies for many years and still cannot tell whether they are working on not. The simple answer is that you have undermined the need for data analysis that could show you what changes are happening. For example, how is the traffic changing for the keywords you are targeting for organic search engines? Also, don’t be deceived: certain ranking factors have remained the same for almost a decade now, and your data may change without you knowing.

Don’t undermine competitor analysis

Another way to understand the planned changes is to compare them with your competitors. Competitors analysis is an integral part of the job of an SEO agency. All you need to start with is to study what your competitors are doing and replicate the same. Which keywords are they ranking for? What does your competitor link profile look like, and can you repeat it? Next, please search for the channels they are using and focus on the same to drive similar traffic.

Organic rankings are never guaranteed

No matter the ranking expectation that your SEO agency may give you, there remains this little uncertainty that you must keep. No one can guarantee any site the number 1 ranking on the organic search results page. It is as bad as if anyone guarantees you that spot. So you should be wary of such promises to see if the methods are not black hat SEO methods. Yes, you can get into the top 10 listings in the organic results but the number 1 spot even for zero volume and no competition keywords.

SEO Strategy takes a holistic approach

SEO is not just about a few things here and there, such as website quality, content, blog outreach, backlinks, and social signals. Be ready to do it all rather than pick a few to focus on. Think of seo services like a pie chart where each piece represents a part of the SEO strategy you must execute. Meanwhile, an agency may promise you one thing over the other; don’t believe all of them. Again, be prepared to do it all.

Final take

Finally, the best SEO agencies are often in unusual places. For instance, the SEO agency that can help your business rank in your country may be overseas. So, in your search for the right SEO agencies, don’t despise the efforts of foreign SEO companies as long as they are competent and have results to show for it.