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What makes a Bad SEO Agency? (Major Signs to Avoid)

SEO marketing has grown recently, with many SEO agencies breaking into the space. An SEO agency has a team of SEO professionals for your digital marketing strategies using search engine optimisation. Don’t fall for fake SEO agencies who fail at a local SEO campaign.

You need the best SEO agency for a successful SEO campaign with custom SEO services. Meanwhile, SEO success depends on your digital marketing strategy. An SEO specialist can take your business from where it is to where it should be. SEO professionals have what it takes to make SEO work during SEO campaigns. 

How can you identify a Bad SEO Agency? 

Choosing an SEO agency is vital, but so is falling for lousy SEO companies. A wrong SEO agency charges high SEO costs without getting you to the first page of Google. However, a good SEO agency has a digital marketing strategy that works. If an SEO company cannot have a successful SEO campaign by boosting your search engine rankings, rethink your choice.

You may request a free SEO audit through Google search console and Google analytics. SEO professionals can sufficiently handle SEO campaigns, including keyword research and link building. Remember that backlinks impact SEO ranking, and SEO consultants can take care of them. A digital marketing agency gets you to the top of search engine results pages.

SEO experts can help build website traffic and high ranking on search engines using SEO specialists. Only SEO experts can create an effective SEO service with search engine marketing. SEO tools in the hands of SEO specialists work magic using an effective SEO strategy. Below are signs that you have a terrible SEO agency in Australia.

Promises of permanent ranking

When an SEO agency promises a permanent position on search engines, it signifies a failed SEO campaign. SEO agency SEO ranking may not be permanent, and great SEO experts know this. Organic search rankings constantly change on search engines because of various search engine optimisation services that increase competition.

When you hire an SEO agency, other sites have a team of SEO experts competing with your brand. SEO companies in Australia can enhance your website traffic using effective digital marketing methods. A good SEO company should also know how to do SEO work through a digital marketing strategy.

What to do with the Metadata

SEO metadata is vital for search engine results, especially Google’s search results. A modern SEO agency shows that metadata still matters for search engine results. Search engine optimization helps your business growth, setting your business online. A digital marketing manager can help you determine metadata to increase your search engine visibility.

You may include metadata in the customized SEO solutions and digital marketing services. Moreover, it also develops an organic marketing strategy that can grow your business. It also promises the results of SEO techniques through SEO strategies. The metadata pitches your business to relevant online users in addition to competitor analysis.

Buying backlinks

An SEO campaign helps in link building for better ranking on search engines. The best way to get backlinks is to earn them, not buy them. Bought backlinks cause more harm than good because search engines are getting smarter daily. When an SEO agency tells you that, think twice.

SEO Agency

When you allow the SEO agencies to buy backlinks, they would have left by the time the consequences of such efforts come calling. Instead, Google deals with policy violators who don’t follow organic link-building strategies. 

Poor content on their site

Content is an integral part of any SEO strategy in addition to keyword research. Therefore, your SEO company should not have poor or thin content on its site. So, when researching an SEO agency to hire, check their SEO content and their local SEO relevance for search engines. 

If an SEO agency cannot rank for keywords in its niche, how can it help you rank for your keywords? Also, an SEO agency must provide details of 

  • Overall SEO strategy
  • PPC campaigns
  • Keyword pricing content length, and 
  • Other essential SEO keywords details. 

Content length is a crucial factor for any site, but it must also be solid for SEO to work. Some of these results may require running Google ads, which also takes SEO companies with a professional SEO team. 

One-time magic without maintenance

SEO marketing is never a one-time fix without continuous maintenance from a pro team. For instance, social media marketing also plays a role in business growth by a marketing agency. At the same time, the marketing agency may employ search engine bots that can work for ecommerce SEO and enterprise SEO. 

If a local seo agency promises a magic wand, you had better run. Business growth cannot happen in a day, just like you can’t see the results of social media marketing in a day. So a good marketing agency must also follow search engine guidelines.

If you are not careful, number 2 or 3 will soon take the place of number 1, and you may lose that place. In addition, there are continuous updates on Google indexing, affecting how the search engine works. So, sites that fail to update their content concerning those changes may fall behind. Therefore, you should plan for at least a 6-month journey for proper maintenance and stability. SEO is more of a marathon than a hundred-meter dash.


Finally, if you see any of the SEO strategies above from an SEO agency, it’s time to rethink your option. When choosing the best SEO agency to handle your business’s digital marketing process, don’t be unawares.

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