Where To Find The Top-Quality One Length Golf Clubs For Your Next Tour?

Nowadays, professional golfers prefer one length golf clubs over multi-length irons because of their enhanced facility. With a one length club, you will get more swing while hitting the ball, which will give you a more desired result. But which brands should you choose for your next professional tour? For that, you should follow this blog. Here we have talked about two leading brands of single length irons sold by one of Australia’s top golf equipment dealers.

Orlimar Intercept Single Length Irons

If you want to improve your consistency, Orlimar Intercept Single Length Irons are one of the most suitable options. This single-length iron club set consists of 5 iron through to gap wedge and pitching wedge and are available in both stiff and regular flex. The beneficial features are as follows.

• As all the irons are of the same length, balance, lie, and weight, you will not need to change your posture or ball position. 

• You can significantly improve your game from the increased perimeter weighting. It will give you a more solid feel, and your precision will be more accurate.

• You can also maintain proper trajectories and distance gaps throughout the set.

Pinhawk Single Length Irons

Pinhawk is another top-rated manufacturer of one-length golf clubs, and it offers high-quality single-length irons with the same swing weight and flex. This way, the golfers can use the same swing for every iron in the club set and become more consistent with their game.

The main difference from the Orlimar set is that the Pinhawk set includes 4 iron through pitching wedge to gap wedge and sand wedge and are available in any flex.

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