Why Renting Shoulder Bags Is Better Than Buying Them?

If you’ve noticed your friend carrying a bag of different brands every week, then she either has a very large collection of chic purses or is renting them from a clutch rental. In this decade where everything’s about minimalism, purse rentals have emerged as the solution for gals who want to stay ahead of the trend without going bankrupt or overstuffing their closet.

But is renting a handbag really better than buying it? For the most part, it is and you just need to compare their pros and cons under different factors to see it.

Renting Vs Buying Shoulder Bags


Renting a branded bag is more affordable than buying it, period. Unless you are buying a knockoff brand, buying an authentic brand shoulder bag can cost you a few months worth of salary. In contrast, you can rent the same bag at less than ten per cent of its original price.

Now you could argue that renting may be cheaper in the short run but will add up and exceed the bag’s price in the long run, but no. Think about it, a clutch rental usually charges per week, so you’d have to go to a lot of parties in a year to cross the MRP.

Plus, it’s not like you’d want to use the same bag for different occasions. You may want Gucci this week and Prada next month. Renting them would be more affordable than buying both.


Speaking of brands, when you buy affordable shoulder bags your choices are limited to the collection you have. It may not be a bad thing if you have a clutch for every occasion but no one ever has the right clutch for the right occasion because no two occasions are alike. For example, take weddings, there’s your classmate’s wedding and then there’s your best friend’s wedding.

On the other non-literal hand, when you rent your handbags, you get to decide which brand you want to wear for which occasion. Your choices are limited to whatever’s available in the shop’s inventory when you browse it. And there are many handbag rentals online.


Have you ever looked at the latest designer clutch collection and cried because you couldn’t afford it at the moment? And even if you could, does the knowledge that what’s a fashion trend today may be old news after a few months keep you awake at night?

Well, you don’t have to worry about those with rentals. Just wipe those tears, search for the latest collection online for rent and sleep well knowing that you are ahead of your social circle in terms of your fashion sense.


Bags take a lot of closet space, especially if you have a large collection of them. You might even have a few bags that you don’t use anymore taking up space that you could use for shoes or clothes. Renting handbags is a great way to save your closet space because you only need to store them until the pickup arrives.


When you buy affordable shoulder bags, you are responsible for maintaining your collection, even when you aren’t using it. When you rent them, you are responsible for maintaining them in their proper condition only as long as you are renting it. After that, the store must take care of them. This may not sound so bad until you consider the amount of time, effort and money that goes into proper maintenance.

On the flip side, you don’t have to answer to anyone if you damage your bags but you may have to pay a fine or forfeit the deposit if you damage the ones you rent.


This might be the only definite advantage of buying over renting your bags. When you buy a clutch, it’s always available to you no matter the occasion (unless you send it for cleaning or repair). But when you rent it, you have to give the store at least a day’s worth of notice before they deliver it to you on time.

In conclusion, renting is better than buying though you might want to buy one purse you can carry for last moment occasions.

Summary – In the age of minimalism, the clutch rental has emerged as the answer to many issues related to branded purses like their price tags, maintenance needs, storage, etc. while helping women stay fashionable.

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